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Ball Pythons aka Royal Pythons
Python Regius
Where are these found?
These can be found in Central & Western Africa

What is the lifespan?
A well cared for Ball Python can expect to live 40 years or more

What size will they get?
Females typically grow to 3’-5’ and Males 2’-4’.

What do they eat?
Mice & Rats

Food Item Options: You can feed an appropriate sized food item either live or frozen thawed. Note: The food item should only be slightly larger then the snake’s widest point. Feeding frozen thawed ensures that the snake will not be injured by the selected food item.

What can I house my new pet in?
Depending on the size of your snake, you have many caging options available from a small pet carrier to a large enclosure.

Bedding: Aspen wood shavings, sterilized bark, paper towels, or newspapers. Never use pine or cedar shaving for any reptile. The cedar shavings WILL KILL your reptile. Clean(replace) substrate at least once a month.

Water bowl: Large enough for your snake to soak when it comes time to shed..

Hiding spot: You can use anything that would provide cover or shelter for the snake. Some
choices would be a hollowed log, plastic container with a hole cut in it. Providing a hide in your snake’s cage will make them feel more comfortable and secure.

Temperatures 78-92°F. maintain daytime temperatures between a minimum of 78-80°F and a basking spot of 88-92 °F. Night time temperature should not to fall below 75°F. Keep in mind that you will need to provide a warm and a cool side in the cage. This will allow the snake to maintain proper temperatures.