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Tarantulas: These invertebrates are part of the spider family known as Hairy Mygalomorphs. There are more then 700 species of tarantulas and are believed to have been around for millions of years without much change.

These arachnids make a great pet for a variety of reasons. Easy to care for and feed requiring very little space. Unlike spiders who create webs, tarantulas create a silky lining for their habitat covering the walls of an underground burrow or a tube like structure within a trees.

Many species that are available in the pet trade fall into 2 categories docile and aggressive. Docile species can be handled, however I will caution that they can still bite. If you are allergic to other insect bites such as bees, you should select a different type of pet because you could be affected in the same way you would be affected by a bee sting.

These pets eat insects like crickets and superworms. Feeding on only a few crickets a week and requiring a moist sponge for a water source. You can see just how easy one o these tarantulas would be to take care of.

The average life span of a female tarantula can be 20 or more years; however, males can expect to live only 5-10 years. Note: males do not molt once they have reached sexual maturity.