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Agamids: There are more than 300 species of agamids commonly known as dragons. Many are available in the pet trade. One of the most popular lizards available are the bearded dragons. Known as one of the calmest of lizards to own as a pet. Other favorites include frilled dragons, water dragons, red headed agama's and many more.

Bearded Dragons  
Pogona Vitticeps
Where are these found? Deserts of Central Australia.
What is the lifespan? A well cared for bearded dragon can live for 3-10 years.
What size will they get? Typically grow to a length of about 12-18 inches
What do they eat?

Food Item Options: They love their crickets, however they need a variety. You can feed them about 30% mixed vegetables and 70% crickets, mealworms and superworms.

What can I house my new pet in? A variety of housing is available for beardies such as glass aquariums, terrariums and other cages can be used.

Bedding: A wide variety of bedding can be used from paper towels to cleaned sand. For babies only use paper towels until they grow to about 7”. Babies tend to have a hard time with sand and their digestion. Keep in mind that NO REPTILES should ever use cedar or pine shavings... Cedar can kill your reptiles.

Watering: They like to drink water that has been sprayed and enjoy a good misting with a spray bottle. They will drink from a water bowl but also spray them.

Hiding spot: Almost anything can be used as a hide or cover for them.


Temperatures 70-100°F. 70°F temperatures for the cool end of the cage and 100°F  in the warm end of the habitat.  

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