What does this mean

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CBB = Captive Bred/Born

This would indicate that adults have been maintained in captivity for breeding resulting in offsprings that have been either born live or hatched. Special note: this does not mean that all "CBB" animals are produced in the US, they can be imported from other breeders in other countries.

CB = Captive Born

This would indicate that the eggs have been laid in captivity by a wild animal or that the eggs have been collected in the wild and hatched in captivity.

CR = Captive Raised or Long Term Captive

This would indicate an animal that was wild caugh or of unknown origin and have been kept in captivity for atleast 6 months.

R = Ranched or Farm Raised

This would indicate that wild females have been collected when gravid, and are held until offspring are either born live or eggs have been laid. This can also mean that wild adults have been collected and placed in an outdoor environment and are able to breed natuarally. The offspring born either live or hatched.

W = Wild Caught

This would indicate that these animals have been collected from their natural habitat, these are also known as invasive species.